Child Safety Products

    1. Yiyuan car seats show perfect performance of heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and thermal insulation; they will stay their condition even under a high temperature of 400 ºC;
    2. Excellent shock resistance and energy absorption performance;
    3. With no harmful substance contained, the car seats do absolutely no harm to children;
    4. Light weight design

C201 Baby Car Seat
CS710 Baby Car Seat
CS868 Baby Car Seat
CS910 Baby Car Seatt
CS912 Baby Car Seat
Hip Seat

    Baby hip seat carrier
    In comparison with those common hip seats without considering the ergonomics, Yiyuan hip seats are designed in full consideration of the human body structure to avoid the children’s skeleton from being compressed, which is one of the causes of O-type legs.

    Core of the baby hip seat carrier
    For the core of the hip seat carrier, we introduce the high-performance polypropylene plastic foam material, whose excellent compression capability makes it an ideal for support cushion.

    Surface of the baby hip seat carrier
    The organic cotton is especially suitable for skin-friendly products for perfect anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic properties.

    Baby hip seat carrier buckle
    The large buckle adds to the safety of the hip seats.

    Belt of the baby hip seat carrier
    The belt helps to distribute weight evenly across parents’ waist, offering a more comfortable baby carrying experience.

    Suede cushion of the hip seat
    The Europe-imported suede is extremely soft and durable.

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