Helmet Manufacturing Plant
Production Plant

    EPP product manufacturing area
    We have invested heavily in 13 high-performance EPP molding machines.

    Inlet for EPP material
    Here the EPP material is absorbed into a pressure tank.

    Pressure tank
    After a 10 hours’ pre-compression process, the EPP material will be delivered to the forming machine.

    Forming machines
    The working mechanism of the forming machine is to utilize the energy generated by vapor to shape the raw EPP material in the molds.

    The shaped hip seats
    Shown is the packaging process of the preliminary-finished hip seats. The adoption of non-toxic EPP material effectively guarantees children’s health.

    Dimension inspection
    Before packaging, we will detect the specification and dimension of the finished products.

Production Lines

    Helmet Manufacturing
    EPS foam machine

    The EPS foam machine imported from Italy adopts the steam heating technique to let the EPS material foam according to the prescribed demands.

    EPS material
    Yiyuan purchase EPS from Austria. After foaming we will get the material with 65g of EPS for each 1L of mixture. The accuracy is controlled within 0.3g.

    EPS forming machine
    The adoption of advanced steam heating technique allows for a high stability of the forming machine, which can produce 247 molds a day.

    The inner core of helmets

    The molds of helmets

    Drying area
    The preliminary-finished helmets will undergo a drying process under a temperature of 70-85 ºC. After that they will expand to the size we want.

    A contrast between the dried helmet(left) and the non-dried helmet(right)

    Helmet Casing Manufacturing
    Coloring for the helmet casings

    Clients have access to determine the shape and the color of the helmet casings.

    Casing shaping
    The eco-friendly non-toxic PVC material is adopted for helmet casings. All of the helmets have passed the CE certification.

    Processing the helmet casings

    Production line of the helmet casings
    The working efficiency of the casing production line is up to 3000 per day.


    Warehouse for the finished EPP products
    Yiyuan EPP products are exported to as far as Canada, Germany, France, Britain, United States, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and many other regions.

    Molds of the EPP products
    Yiyuan offers customization service to produce the unique molds you want.

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